Family run Restaurant "Mellenes ar pienu"

“Mellenes ar pienu” is our family's most exciting project.

For more than 10 years we've been involved in travel and event management businesses. As a travel company "Blueberry Travel" we design tours based on a local travel movement. However, since the very beginning we have had a dream to open our own family run restaurant.

Finally our dream has come true! In spring 2013 we opened the doors to our restaurant "Mellenes ar pienu" (in English – “Blueberries with milk").

You can find us about 15 minutes from Riga city centre - Brīvības iela 146.

What do we offer?  

  • Cosy place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily menus are available.
  • Sip a soft or alcoholic drink at our bar and have some friendly chat with our smiley bartender
  • Our premises can be used for various kinds of events – birthday parties for kids and adults, team-buildings, presentations etc. As event organizers we can also help you to plan your party!  
  • Time after time we organise various game nights. Check out our Facebook Page to know when to join us for an evening of light-hearted and spirited fun!